I’ve thought about love for a while. I’ve thought about what it is, and what it means to love and to be in love. I’ve asked different people what love is, and I’ve heard many different things on the subject. Through all of this I have come to a conclusion for myself: I don’t believe in love. “What?”, you’re saying. “You don’t believe in love? It’s all around you! Can’t you see?” Now, let me clarify. I believe in the ability to care deeply about someone. I believe in the enjoyment of being around a certain person or people. I believe in lust. But I do not believe in love. It’s too abstract. There is not one right or wrong definition for it. People attempt to make it concrete by placing all sorts of rules and guidelines that only end up contradicting each other. You fall in love, you fall out of love. Love at first sight, or love comes softly. You can love your family but you can also love a stranger. Love is beauty; love is pain. I don’t believe in love. It is an unattainable and cliché myth. 

But do not fret for me, if you are. I will never cease my journey to explore human nature, to learn and to understand, to laugh and to cry - to feel.  I may not believe in love, but I believe in every color on the palette that paints the picture of life as we know it. It is not dull and grey for me, but instead, always vibrant.